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Brigitte Brandeau
Sculpteure et plasticienne

Brigitte Brandeau de l'Atelier Sculpture2B

Brigitte Brandeau, sculpteure et plasticienne

Throughout my education; Sorbonne University (Fine Arts) and the Ateliers de Beaux Arts de Paris, I always addressed sculpture in theory and practical, both intimately linked.

I continued as a professional sculptor, and at the same time I spent many years working with the creation and animation of characters in 2D and 3D for cinema and television. 

In 2003, I opened my own workshop and began teaching sculpture courses to adults…

I believe that it is essential to feed our imagination while developing our physical abilities….The visual memory, the sensations, the emotions are precious elements and indispensable for the creative process…
All that which surrounds us, both art and non-art, helps our imagination to bubble.
My courses have always held this double component of theory and practical, it is therefore natural that I offer courses with this configuration.

Sculpture is, for me, the opportunity to explore the paradoxes of reality. Volume without volume, monumental work with no weight, the visual which escapes from our sight, disappearance, the limits of visible.

In that sense, my work addresses questions of virtuality as a sensitive and emotional experience.

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