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sculpture night classes

The workshop provides you individual guidance in your learning process – initiation or improvement –at your own pace to create your personal projects.
The workshop is dedicated to learning theory and practice of sculpture, as well as discovering materials and mastering creation techniques inherent to this art.
The classes include individual guidance with your personal project, regardless of the subject chosen or your level of knowledge.
  • 3h once a week

  • Tuesday 7PM-10PM or Wednesday 7.30PM – 10.30PM

  • 6 persons maximum per session

  • 485 euros 1 trimester, materials included

  • Annual registration required

Sculpture learning program for night classes

The workshop provides you with :
A large selection of materials and tools :
Clay, plaster, paper, silicone, wire mesh, plaster bandage, tow, metal wire, pigments, varnish, etc…

A large number of plastic art techniques :
Modeling, molding, carving, collage, stamping, assembling, taking prints, duplicating, finishing touches, patines, etc…

A large collection of documentation – technical books , magazines, monographs on history of sculpture past or contemporary.

Classes calendar :

  • First trimester : from the 27th of september to the 14th of december 2022
  • Second trimester : from the 3rd of January to the 29th of march 2023
  • Third trimester : from the 4th of april to the 28th of june 2023


Season 2021 – 2022

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    Atelier de sculpture Brigitte Brandeau

    71 rue Maubeuge
    75010 Paris – France

    Telephone : +33/(0) 681 95 16 97

    The teachings

    Techniques and guidance

    Clay modeling : Making a clay model.
    Traditional molding : Making a silicone cast directly on the original piece in order to duplicate it.
    Casting plaster : Pouring liquid plaster into a mold which it takes the shape. Then demoulding the plaster when it has hardened.
    Direct plaster on armatures : Sculpting plaster directly on an armature (wire thread, or wire mesh)
    Stamping : Giving relief to a material : clay, plaster, paper, from a mold.
    Paper mache : Stamping paper from a mold or directly layered on a counter form.
    Initiation and improvement to patine techniques : Colouring sculpture with pigments and shellac. Learning special texture or surfaces effects adapted to the volume.