Direct plaster on armature :
Week-end class initiation

Plaster… A whole world of creation !

Plaster has been widely used throughout the fine arts. The material offers multiple plastic possibilities. In sculpture it may be assembled, cut, carved, stamped, patined. It may be used as is, as a final work, molded, or directly sculpted on an armature.

  • Saturday and Sunday 10AM-1PM and 2PM -7PM
  • 6 persons maximum per session
  • Individual technical guidance
  • Personal technical class resume sent by internet
  • Price : 400 euros*

* Food and lodging are not provided

The teaching for plaster sculpture

The workshop offers you to discover all the uses possible of the material, with reference to your personal project.

  • Creating the base, the armature and volume in 3 dimensions. 
  • Initiation and improvement to plaster handling skills, (using materials and tools).
  • Correcting and finishing.

Week-end classes dates for 2022 – 2023 :

  • 14th and 15th of october – 19th and 20th of november – 10th and 11th of december 2022
  • 15th and 15th of january – 11th and 12th of February – 18th and 19th of march
  • 15th and 16th of april  – 13th and 14th of may –  17th and 18th of june 2023


Season 2021 – 2022

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    Atelier de sculpture Brigitte Brandeau

    71 rue Maubeuge
    75010 Paris – France

    Telephone : +33/(0) 681 95 16 97

    Detailed program for plaster initiation

    The armature :  galvanized wire or threaded shaft if necessary.
    Armature attachment to the plaster base.
    The plaster bandage : gauze bandage impregnated with plaster of Paris.
    The tow : raw linen fiber.
    The plaster : a hard white substance made by the addition of water to powdered and partly dehydrated gypsum.
    Covering the armature with plaster bandage or tow dipped in plaster.
    Plaster mix : mixing together water and plaster.
    Sculpting plaster on armatures with different sizes of brushes or spatulas.
    Corrections and finishes with rifflers, rasps and plaster knives…