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Sculpture plaster art

By 24 August 2023No Comments

Direct plaster sculpture on armatures :

Plaster… A magic world of creation !

Plaster has been widely used throughout the fine arts. The material offers multiple plastic possibilities.

In sculpture it may be assembled, cut, carved, stamped, patined. It may be used as a final work, molded, or directly sculpted on an armatures.

Plaster sculpture week-end classes offer you to discover all the uses possible of the material, in reference to your personal project.

Week-end classes opened to all :

Beginners or professionals, you are all welcomed to learn and develop your creative skills.

Program :

  • Learning how to make the armature and  3 dimensions volumes.
  • Initiation and improvement to plaster handling skills, (using materials and tools).
  • Correcting and finishing.

 Technical guidance is provided individualy :

Eveyone is welcomed in a friendly  environment – Small groups : 5 persons maximum.

No matter what subject or style you choose. Each step of the creative process is individualy followed.

My  only concern as a sculptor and guide, is the success of your creations and the pleasure you experience within art parctice.


Week-end plaster sculpture classes  2023- 2024 dates :

  • 21st 22nd of october – 25th 26th of november 2023
  • 27th 28th of january – 24th 25th of february – 30th 31st of march
  • 27th 28th of april – 18th 19th of may – 22nd 23rd of june 2024

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